Life after ILLC

The purpose of this event is to bring together MoL students, PhD Candidates and ILLC postdocs, with ILLC alumni (MoL or PhD) that are pursuing either academic or non academic careers.

The speakers will talk about their current occupations and the challenges and differences they faced when looking for a job inside or outside the academic world. The ILLC will invite all participants for drinks.

When? Saturday, 19 October (13:30-17:30 hs)

Where? Room C0.110, Science Park 904 (old ILLC building).



13:30 Floris Roelofsen (currently Assistant Professor at ILLC, recently got a NWO Veni grant, got his PhD in 2008, MSc Logic in 2005)

14:00 Joel Uckelman (Founder of Lightbox Technologies, got his PhD in 2009)

14:30 Tine Wilde (currently independent artist and philosopher – Tine Wilde Philosophy and Installation Art, got her PhD in 2008)

15:00 Markos Mylonakis (Research Engineer at Xerox, previously Senior developer at Unisystems, got his PhD in 2012)

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Christian Geist (currently PhD at TU Munich, previously Consultant at McKinsey, got MSc Logic in 2010)

16.30 Lena Kurzen (currently Consultant at Critical Minds, got her PhD in 2011, MSc Logic in 2007)

17.00 Sara Uckelman (currently Postdoc at University Heidelberg, previously Resident Fellow at Tilburg University, got her PhD in 2009)

17.30 Borrel at Universum sports café